eNPS survey software tool that helps you Improve employee satisfaction by identifying the needs and wants of your employees.

Learn how to leverage the power of eNPS - Employee Net Promoter Score.

Give your employees a voice and make sure they're heard.

Understand Employee satisfaction at Scale

Turn eNPS survey results into actionable insights.
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Filling a eNPS survey

In this video, you will see how an employee fills out the survey form using email.


You'll never have to wonder how your employees feel if you conduct regular eNPS surveys.

Interested in knowing what employees think about your company and their jobs? Understand employee satisfaction in your organization using an anonymous eNPS survey software tool. Streamline the process of sending out surveys and receiving feedback. It is easier to identify trends, set target scores, and make better-informed decisions when you have consumable reports at your fingertips.


It's all about dashboards! Automate the distribution of actionable reports.

Easy-to-read dashboards will keep everyone in the loop and stop you from tearing your hair out at midnight. eNPS dashboards and action reports can be automated to ensure that the correct information gets to the right people at the right time.


Analyze the feedback you receive

You can automate the analysis and processing of textual feedback by using machine learning and human expertise. Quickly understand how satisfied your employees are and what you can do to improve employee satisfaction.


Extract meaningful sentiment from Employee comments and textual feedback

A sentiment analysis powered by artificial intelligence (AI) will reveal whether your employees respond positively or negatively to your company's culture. Using our eNPS Survey Software tool, you can identify employee pain points, which can then be fixed to drive employee growth, loyalty, and retention.


Put in place action plans, prevent churn, and make your employees your advocates.

Thanks to OKRPeople's eNPS Survey Software, your team will receive an immediate notification of every feedback to enable quick action.

  • Avoid churn by offering reassurance to detractors.

    Send out follow-up questions to detractors immediately. Empathize and show them that you care, take action, and prevent employee churn.

  • Ask passives for suggestions

    Ask Passives for ideas on how to improve your company's work culture. Invest in enhancing employee experiences, follow up, and turn them into promoters.

  • Use promoters as brand ambassadors

    Thank your promoters for their scores and request online reviews, recommendations, and testimonials.


Extract meaningful sentiment from Employee comments and textual feedback

  • Distribute the eNPS survey in various ways

    Reach your employees wherever they are — by email, web widgets, online, and APIs.

  • Monitor eNPS score

    Use our tool to measure eNPS - Employee Net Promoter Score.

  • Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

    An artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithm is applied to textual answers and comments to determine employee sentiments and topics.

  • Real-time Alerts for Team.

    Keep the team updated with real-time alerts based on Net Promoter Score and other custom parameters.

  • Send Automated Emails to Respondents

    Automate notifications based on employee NPS answers to engage employees.

  • Monitor eNPS Survey in real-time

    The score of each response is displayed in real-time, with Detractors, Passives, and Promoters automatically tagged.

  • Get detailed eNPS survey reports.

    Our eNPS survey software provides a variety of eNPS reports, including eNPS Meter Reports, Trends Reports, and segment-based eNPS.

  • Close the loop by creating an action plan

    Measuring eNPS is one thing, but you also need to take steps to prevent miffed employees (the detractors) from leaving. Make sure your team takes action and closes the feedback loop by creating tasks.

  • Make use of APIs and connect with external tools.

    Get eNPS survey results in real time using our APIs and move the report data to external systems.

  • Easily customize the eNPS survey.

    Add logos, branding, and more questions to your NPS Surveys and completely customize them.

  • Add Follow Up Question

    In addition to the standard eNPS question, your eNPS survey should include an additional question to find out the reason for the score.

  • Make your eNPS surveys more intelligent

    Use Survey Logic in your eNPS surveys to display different questions based on employee answers.


Keep your team informed with Alerts, Summaries, and Reports

With our enPS Survey software, alert your team instantly when feedback is received to enable quick action.

  • Send Instant Notifications and alerts

    Instantly alert your HR team via email, Slack, etc.

  • Configure Daily, Weekly, Monthly summary reports.

    Get a summary of all Net Promoter Scores and NPS responses every day, every week, or every month.

  • Save and schedule your reports

    Save your eNPS Survey Reports for quick access. You can receive the reports at predetermined intervals directly in your inbox.

Step 1: Create Your Survey

With our eNPS survey software, you can effectively, securely, and quickly survey employees.

Using our comprehensive eNPS survey software, you can instantly gauge employee mood and pinpoint areas with the most significant potential to increase employee retention and productivity. It is not necessary to hire HR specialists or use costly implementation services.

Change how your eNPS survey looks.

  • eNPS surveys asks the following question: How likely would you be to recommend the company / organization as a place to work?

  • Brand the survey by uploading your company's logo

  • Questions are supported in more than 100 languages

Consider asking an open-ended question on the eNPS

  • Follow up with an open-ended question to get a more detailed response from your employees.

  • Textual feedback can be used to uncover details about the employee experience, such as benefit offerings, manager effectiveness, or company policies.

Add a Thank you message and a reminder that the eNPS survey is anonymous

  • Thank your employees for their feedback and convey the importance of their participation to your organization.

  • Keep employees informed that their privacy is protected and that the eNPS survey is anonymous.

Step 2: Send the Survey

Utilize multiple methods to reach employees

  • Send surveys in an email, Slack, or website widget.

  • The email should include a link to the eNPS survey for easy surveying. Employees can complete the survey without logging in from their mobile devices.

  • Questions are supported in more than 100 languages

Make eNPS surveys recurring.

  • Employee surveys don't have to be sent manually, and automation allows you to send the surveys to your team on a recurring basis and track their responses.

  • Keep track of employee sentiment with one-time eNPS surveys or periodic eNPS surveys every three, six, and twelve months.

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